About Good Fortune

GOOD FORTUNE is a 41' yacht custom built for the complete cruising comfort of those who enjoy adopting the simple and causal lifestyle unique to sailing and cruising. Her cabins and two full heads accommodate 4 guests, captain and mate. Captained by marine biologist Ron White, GOOD FORTUNE maintains a nearly predictable annual schedule fashioned by seasonal changes, the wishes of the passengers, and a sprinkling of fickle weather.

During the spring, summer and fall around the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina, Capt. White is the host and guide for birding expeditions, island hopping and exploration of pristine beaches with ports of call at coastal villages full of character and history.

The spring and fall Intracoastal Waterway trips aboard GOOD FORTUNE offer a fascinating way to see the East Coast, and an unprecedented way to slow down and relax. A day’s progress typically covers 50-60 miles during which a passenger may relax on deck reading, writing, studying natural beauty rarely seen unless by boat. Bird watchers enjoy sighting migratory birds and stops to visit rookeries of the White Pelicans and Wood Ibis. Nightly ports of call along the way are outlined in advance for the convenience of those needing an itinerary. Each port has its own interest, including dining spots, which are explored in the evenings. For an itinerary of a great 5-day sail from Beaufort, NC to Charleston, SC, see the Off-Season Destination Sails page on this site. 

Plans aboard GOOD FORTUNE and reservations are made by contacting Cap. Ron White well in advance of the planned vacation time period. Wishes should specifically include preferred activities, food choices (likes and dislikes), dates, and the extent to which you would like to be involved in sailing the boat.

Receipt of a deposit (amount determined by Capt. White) confirms your reservation. In case of cancellation, the refund of your deposit is the captain’s decision based on the reservations he has not made with others due to your reservation.